FarmVille 2 More Turkish Delights Kitchen Recipes: Everything you need to know


As with almost every theme in FarmVille 2, the second set of Turkish Delights items is here alongside a series of new Crafting Kitchen recipes. Of course, only one of the recipes is technically "free" to create, as the other two require ingredients earned via premium trees. Still, there's quite a bit of coins to be earned here, if you're willing to make the investment.

The first recipe is the Fava Bean Dip, which is created using seven Fava Beans and five Paprika per batch. The Paprika is earned by sending out requests to your friends, while the Fava Beans are grown on your farm. They cost 50 coins per square to plant, and are ready to harvest after six hours. This recipe will give you 13 XP each time it's created, and a single batch goes for 2,222 coins.

The second recipe is the Kurabiye Cookie, which is created using two Batter and six Carob Pods each. The Batter is another crafting recipe that's created using Wheat, Flour and Eggs, while the Carob Pods are earned from the appropriately named Carob Tree. This premium tree is available to purchase for 12 Farm Bucks, but if you aren't willing to make the investment yourself, you can hope that your neighbors purchase the tree themselves. You have a chance of earning these Carob Pods by tending their trees when you visit. You'll earn 21 XP for each Cookie that you create, and can sell each cookie for 3,080 coins.

The final recipe is the Jujube Jam, which is created using two Lemon Water and 14 Jujube Fruits. The Lemon Waters are created using Water and Lemons, making that a particularly valuable ingredient. The Jujube Fruits, meanwhile, are earned from another premium tree, the Jujube Tree. This tree also costs 12 Farm Bucks to purchase. Creating a single batch of Jujube Jam will give you 21 XP, and it is sold for 3,520 coins.

These recipes will be available for 27 days, but the themed ingredients themselves will only be available to purchase in the store for 20 days. If you look forward to creating these recipes, make sure to purchase and grow their ingredients as quickly as possible, before they expire.

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What do you think of these Turkish Delights crafting recipes? Will you purchase any of these exclusive trees to create these recipes? Sound off in the comments!