FarmVille 2 More Turkish Delights Items: Everything you need to know


It's rare that Zynga releases multiple sets of items in the same FarmVille 2 theme, but the Turkish Delights are an exception. Since last week, this theme has been expanded with even more crops, trees, animals and more. These items are technically in a theme all their own called "More Turkish Delights," but they'll go great with anything that you've purchased from the first wave of Turkish items in the store. We're here with a complete guide to these newest items, so let's get started!


Fava Bean

  • Costs: 50 coins per square

  • Harvest Time: 6 hours

  • Can be sold for: 70 coins

  • Can be turned into: 7 Animal Feed

  • XP Gained: 5


Carob Tree - 12 Farm Bucks
Jujube Tree - 12 Farm Bucks


Anadolu Pony - 43 Farm Bucks
Baby Anadolu Pony - 30 Farm Bucks
Red Karaman Sheep - 34 Farm Bucks
Baby Red Karaman Sheep - 21 Farm Bucks


Kilim Rug Display - 12 Farm Bucks
Lamp of Barbarossa - 2 Farm Bucks
Nazar Vase - 10 Farm Bucks
Sundial of Mustafa - 3,000 coins
Turkish Peasant Hut - 32 Farm Bucks

All of these items will be available for the next 20 days in the store. If you're interested in growing these Fava Beans or purchasing either of these limited edition trees, keep in mind that there are exclusive Crafting Kitchen recipes that go along with them. We'll bring you a complete guide to creating those just as soon as we can.

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