CoasterVille Frontier Fort Stage: Everything you need to know


Now that Valentine's Day has come and gone, there isn't a major holiday in sight for a few weeks. That leaves Zynga to celebrate something original in

CoasterVille, which is why the developer has released a new Fortress Stage that brings music to the Wild West portion of your theme park. This item is also called the Frontier Fort Stage, depending on which menu you're looking at in the game. Of course, this isn't just a free item that you can place and immediately ignore - you'll need to build it from the ground up before it will add any value to your park.

The Fortress Stage comes along with a series of quests that are completed alongside the building of the Fortress Stage itself.

A Place to Play

  • Place the Frontier Fort Stage

  • Finish Building the Frontier Fort Stage

The base of this item is fairly large, and must be connected to a pathway in order to be active. The first of five building stages requires 2,900 coins, 2,900 Thrill Points, 450 Goods, and five Stage Monitors to complete. The Stage Monitors can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you via a general news post on your wall. That being the case, make sure to play CoasterVille on long enough to post these sorts of requests, as you'll earn help from strangers and friends and will hopefully make progress faster.

When you complete this first building stage, you'll also complete this first quest and will receive coins and Hospitality for yoru trouble. From there, you'll need to gather even more coins, Thrill Points, Goods, and other collectible items in order to finish the next four stages of the Fortress Stage and the four quests that go along with them. We'll update this space as we learn specifics about each building stage, but for now, start collecting your Stage Monitors to make progress fast. Good luck!

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What do you think of this new musical Wild West Stage in CoasterVille? Have you already started building yours to bring entertainment to your guests? Sound off in the comments!