Mobile PSA: Infinity Blade goes free for a limited time


Infinity Blade is Apple's featured app of the week, bringing a great bargain to iPhone and iPad players everywhere. This discount doesn't just mean you'll save a few dollars either, as the game is currently free to download, but only for a limited time.

While many iOS gamers have at least tried Infinity Blade in the past, if you've never actually downloaded the game for yourself, it's definitely worth saving the $5.99 (the game's normal purchase price) to download this for free. Even if your time with Infinity Blade only lasts a few hours, you won't be out any money, and you'll at least get to experience some of the best graphics in an iOS game to date.

Remember, Infinity Blade will only be free on iOS for a limited time, so make sure to download the game now for free while you still can!

Download Infinity Blade for free on iOS >

Have you already downloaded Infinity Blade, or will you take advantage of this freebie opportunity? Sound off in the comments!

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