Infect cells with light in Sporos on iOS, Android


From developer Appxplore comes Sporos, the upcoming iOS / Android game that will see players trying to light up cells on a board using limited numbers of nodes.

Each level contains a different layout of cells, and may limit your progress to just one or two nodes that must be used in just the right combination to light up the entire stage. Cells are "infected" by placing these special nodes next to empty slots, but the infection will only spread so far, and in very specific directions before it stops.

Power-ups cells may activate others in a sequence when they're first lit up, while other nodes will simply activate light patterns in a straight line in all directions.

Sporos looks to be one of those puzzle games that's deceptively simple, and while the game looks like it can support quite a bit of trial and error, in-game achievements are available for those that excel at the game without it.

Sporos comes with 300 "Essential" levels that start simply but become increasingly complex. In addition, 200 extra "Experimental" levels will see you dealing with mutated nodes or cells that may change the entire way you approach a stage.

Sporos is set to launch on both iOS and Android on February 21. We'll have a complete review of the game when the game becomes available, so stay tuned!

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