Protect a golden coin in Hide Caesar 2 on


While many puzzle games may see you causing destruction in order to pass a stage, Hide Caesar 2 from I-Play instead asks you to create barriers and platforms that will protect a golden coin representing Caesar from rocks that fall from the sky.

In each stage of Hide Caesar 2, you'll need to manipulate steel platforms, ropes, wheels, wooden blockades and much more, all before the rocks start pouring down and ruin your fun. Add to this the challenge of stopping the coin from falling off of platforms or stopping the coin from running into massive spikes, and you have a game that's just as challenging as it is fun. What's more, you'll eventually run into evil Caesar coins that must be removed from the stage while also working to save the good Caesar coin.

There are plenty of levels in Hide Caesar 2, each with its own design and sometimes multiple solutions. Whether or not you can pass them all will be up to you, but if you feel like you're up to the task, you can now play Hide Caesar 2 for free, right here on

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