These Winners Salvaged the Dow's Week


Today, investors got another demonstration of the stock market's resilience in 2013. Although bad news from the retail sector hit shares of Wal-Mart hard, and helped contribute to a brief decline of nearly 70 points for the Dow Jones Industrials in the mid-afternoon, the market staged an impressive rally from there that pulled the Dow back up to post an eight-point gain on the day. With decidedly mixed economic data and plenty of uncertainty, it's not surprising to see stocks again finish with only a minimal change from yesterday's close.

Within the Dow, Coca-Cola was the big winner, rising 1.5%. Even after rival PepsiCo weighed in with an impressive earnings report yesterday, Coke still has plenty of growth opportunities to tap, including emerging markets like India. With plans to make large investments in the region over the next decade, Coca-Cola would argue that it's premature to count the beverage giant out just yet -- although Pepsi will definitely give the company a run for its money around the world.

Elsewhere in the beverage industry, Monster Beverage rose 7% on speculation that the company might be the target of a takeover bid. It's not the first time the company has dealt with takeover rumors and, given the recent surge in interest in energy drinks, Monster has definite appeal to companies that have seen traditional drink volumes drop lately. Yet, even after a big drop from its highs last summer, the stock still fetches nearly 30 times trailing earnings, leaving precious little room for a takeover premium if buyout rumors are correct.

Finally, Millennial Media soared 14% in advance of its earnings report next week. Analysts are bullish on the mobile marketing company's prospects, especially in light of how important the mobile segment has become to the success of social-media companies. If the company can capture even a portion of the untapped potential of mobile, then Millennial Media could easily see the results that would justify its big stock-price advance today.

Who'll win the cola wars?
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