The Sims 3 University Life: College life has never looked like so much fun


With the upcoming launch of the University Life expansion in Sims 3, players everywhere will be able to interact with a new life state, the Plant Sim, and will also be able to follow their Sims through college life, including (but not limited to) parties, college classes, sororities, fraternities and much more.

EA has released new screenshots that show off some of the features of University Life, including a preview of some new smartphone features. Our Sims will now be able to send break up texts, or take self photos, while those with an artistic sensibility will be be able to pose nude for artists, offering some.. unique inspiration for some pieces of art.


Continuing in the educational theme, players will be able to interact with (or dress up as) college mascots, and will even be able to take a drive up to "Makeout Point" for some recreational activities. Frats and Sororities will unlock dares and keggers for adventurous Sims, and those players that order the game from EA's service will be given even more content still: the School Spirit Pack that offers new outfits, face painting patterns, and a scooter like you see above.

The Sims 3 University Life will launch on PC / Mac on March 5, 2013. Make sure to check out the screenshots or the sneak peek producer's walkthrough above for more.

Are you excited to try the University Life expansion in The Sims 3? Which of the new features are you most interested in trying? Sound off in the comments!