System Shock 2 (Windows) Cheats, Trainer

While most gamers can't wait for new PC releases to flex their killer graphics card, some of us have a simple, yet unquenchable thirst to relive the rich history of PC gaming on our modern systems. That's not too much to ask, no? To answer our desperate call, Night Dive Studios has re-released what is heralded to be one of the greatest FPS-RPG games out there, System Shock 2. Heck, it even inspired a little franchise you may have heard of called Bioshock.

Cheat Happens
Cheat Happens

Thanks to Cheat Happens, you can navigate the Von Braun with relative ease with a trainer that gives you everything you need to defeat SHODAN. Look at you, hacker. We're so proud of you.

Check out this trailer for System Shock 2, re-released 2/14 on GOG

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