Phone Fight turns your iPhone into a warrior one battle at a time


Since being released on January 31, Mob in Life's Phone Fight has been downloaded over 120,000 times and has hosted over one million fights, as players are allowed to bring their iPhone to life and use it to battle other players' iPhones in turn based combat. We've had a chance to go hands-on with this free-to-play iPhone battle game, and have found that it comes with plenty of originality in a fairly simple package.

Phone Fight allows you to customize the appearance of your iPhone with different hairstyles, skin tones, lips, eyes, noses and more. You'll unlock new customization options as you continue to play the game, with one individual option being unlocked every few minutes, so long as you routinely start the "randomization" process in the game's menu. It's unfortunate that more options aren't unlocked at first, and that additional items aren't unlock automatically (even if it happened slowly over time), since you'll instead be forced to pick and choose which sort of item you'll unlock next (hairstyle, lip design, etc.), and will be at the mercy of the game in terms of which new item you'll actually receive.

While you're waiting for new items to unlock, you can head into combat against other iPhones. Each battle gives your phone experience points, and you'll unlock new and stronger weapons as you continue to be successful. Battles themselves are turn based, but they unfold automatically. Energy is spent as you battle, and your pool of possible enemies is chosen at random if you decide to not ask friends to battle specifically. It's odd that so many of these random enemies are higher level than your current phone, so you feel like the underdog right from the beginning. Thankfully, just because you're going against a stronger opponent doesn't mean that success is impossible, as there are occasions when you can defeat these higher-level players.

Outside of battling and iPhone character customization, you can take care of your phone's needs, like fun and health by spending coins that you earn in battle. These items must recharge over time, just as energy does, and you can spend real money to add more coins or premium currency to your account.

While the battles between iPhones are entertaining, perhaps the best part of Phone Fight is the simple fact that the game brings your iPhone to life. It has a face and a personality, and can even talk to you under some circumstances. You can name it and customize it as you see fit, and that's more than enough reason to at least try the game and see these options for yourself.

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What do you think of Phone Fight? Did you make your iPhone a boy or a girl? What do you think of the game as a whole? Sound off in the comments!