Is MannKind in Good Hands?


After reporting its Q4 results this week, MannKind remains one of the most hotly debated stocks in the biotech space. The company is in a quiet period as it continues working toward FDA approval for its ultra-rapid, inhalable insulin drug Afrezza. Investors will have to wait until August to learn the results of the company's ongoing clinical trials, but the debate rages as to whether MannKind's disruptive technology can ultimately change the method of treatment for diabetics forever, or if the FDA will put the brakes on the project before it's commercialized.

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No person has contributed more to MannKind than its founder and CEO, Alfred Mann. He has not only led the company, but has also devoted a significant part of his personal fortune to the company that bears his name.

As of mid-2012, Mann owned a little more than 41% of the company. He currently serves as both chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer, holding the former position since 2001 and the latter since 2003. Mann's vision and financial backing have been critical in getting MannKind to where it stands now. Mann not only owns much of the company, but he has also loaned large amounts to MannKind through the years, including a $350 million loan in 2007.

Mann has a long and successful history as a serial entrepreneur, but MannKind is not his first venture in the diabetes space. He founded MiniMed, a medical device company that developed insulin pumps and glucose monitors for diabetes patients, which was acquired by Medtronic for more than $3 billion in 2001.

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