Impire (Windows) Trainer, Cheats


Point-and-click role-playing games haven't exactly represented the pinnacle of originality in gaming. It's easy to be looking for a game in this category and stumble on, at least, a handful of these games that look and play almost identically. Fortunately, Cyanide Studios recognized this and didn't want their title to get swept under the rug, so they incorporated a great concept.

In Impire, you play as an imp who speaks surprisingly good English. Not only that, he is also out for blood. His job is to kill the heroes and take over a continent and let the demons be the winners for once.

Cheat Happens
Cheat Happens

That's a lot of pressure for just one imp, however, you control him. With a squad at your disposal, take each dungeon and forest by storm and make your demonic tribe proud. To help you do that with ease, Cheat Happens has created a trainer, which is basically your key to the city. With this trainer, you'll be able to rock through dungeons with Unlimited Health and Infinite Treasure Capacity, just to name a few. This trainer is even compatible with Windows XP, as if I had to sell it even more for you.

Check out this trailer of Impire, available now for Windows PC.

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