Escapee Adam Justin Lysiak Arrested for Hoarding 1,000 Pounds of Stolen Mail in Home

1,000 Pounds of Stolen Mail in Man's Apartment
1,000 Pounds of Stolen Mail in Man's Apartment

We know all about cat hoarders and doll hoarders, but stolen mail hoarders? Adam Justin Lysiak, of Port Townsend, Wa., was arrested on theft charges for allegedly hoarding other people's mail in his home. Not just a few letters here and there, either: Lysiak had hoarded over 1,000 pounds of stolen mail in his apartment.

Seattle TV station KOMO reported police as saying that Lysiak, 38, would go through mailboxes in his community and neighboring ones at night, then use the information to create fake identities, forge identification cards and pass bad checks. The TV station said that Lysiak already was wanted on a variety of theft- and forgery-related charges, as well as for escaping police custody, when he was arrested Tuesday while hiding at a neighbor's apartment. According to officer Luke Bogues of the Port Townsend Police Department, Lysiak could be slapped with multiple felony charges in addition to identity theft and forgery.

"Washington's postal theft law makes every 10 pieces of stolen mail a separate felony charge," Bogues told a local newspaper, the Peninsula Daily News. "With thousands of pieces of stolen mail recovered, potentially more than 100 felony charges could be filed against Lysiak."

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