One third of With Friends players have flirted through in-game chat

Words With Friends Valentine
Words With Friends Valentine

If love isn't in the air today, it's certainly felt over the air. Zynga has released a new infographic that claims, based on polls issued across its six games in the With Friends franchise, that 30 percent of players have flirted in one of these games using the chat feature. As it turns out, players will actually try to change the way in which they place based upon whether they're attracted to their opponent.

According to Zynga's findings, 23 percent of players try to play higher-scoring words against opponents they're attracted to, and a whopping 53 percent of players say that they're more attracted to players with a good vocabulary. As a result, it seems, 24 percent of With Friends fans are more competitive with players that they have feelings for.

However, one surprising finding is that merely 26 percent of married players enjoy With Friends games with their spouse. Don't you think that number should be higher, or is it just us? At any rate, check out the rest of Zynga's lovely findings in the infographic below. It just might be the push you need to upgrade your Words With Friends game to Words With Friends With Benefits.

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Words With Friends Valentines Day
Words With Friends Valentines Day