Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar welcomes us to Britannia on iOS later this year


Late last year, we learned that Electronic Arts was going for a "fewer, bigger, better" approach with its lineup of mobile games in 2013, and we've now learned that one of those bigger and hopefully better games will be Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar.

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar is set to be a free-to-play cooperative action role playing game that brings the classic Ultima franchise's iconic worlds to iOS as players will travel through these environments (dungeons, forests, etc.) interacting with thousands of other players and NPCs. The game is set 21 years after Ultima IV, and will challenge players to save the world of Britannia from something called the "Black Weep," a disease that creates fear in citizens and drains hope from the world.

Thankfully, we have more than just a few story details to go on, as EA has already released a new trailer for the game, which you can check out above. There's still no official release date for Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar, but we'll bring you more details about the game as soon as they become available.

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