In Pokemon X and Y, Eevee gets yet another evolution, Sylveon [Video]


Yes, the "leaks" were true. In the next major installment of Pokemon, X and Y Versions, iconic Normal-type Pokemon Eevee will have yet another evolved form to look forward to. Its name is Sylveon, and that's about all we know other than what it looks like. Frankly, it looks as if Eevee fell into a vat of Pepto-Bismol and is really happy about it.

While the duo have been terribly tight-lipped about the critter's type and how players can nab one of their own, Nintendo and Game Freak have released a gameplay video showing Sylveon in action. From the looks of it, our bets are that Sylveon is a Normal-type Pokemon, like a regular Eevee only with enhanced moves and stats. Given the incredibly slow rate at which Game Freak and co. are releasing information on Pokemon X and Y, 2013 up until this fall will be a slow, slow year.

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