Report: Fastest LTE Speeds in Sweden; USA No. 8


In a report titled "The State of LTE," U.K.-based network testing company OpenSignal has found that Sweden, the first country to roll out a 4G LTE mobile network, is also the country that can boast the fastest LTE download speeds. The U.S. came in at No. 8.

The download speeds for Sweden's two LTE networks average 22.1 Mbps. The download speeds for the four U.S. LTE networks average out to just 9.6.

Those U.S. network speeds range from a high of 13 Mbps for AT&T, to 10 for Verizon, 7.7 for Sprint Nextel, and 1.2 for MetroPCS.

Countries Nos. 2 through 7 are, in order, Hong Kong (classified as a country by OpenSignal), Denmark, Canada, Australia, South Korea, and Germany. Japan is No. 9 with an average speed of 7.1 Mbps.

OpenSignal writes that these speeds don't represent the technical limits for the networks tested, but they are a measure of the real-world speeds obtained by device users.


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