Chillingo celebrates Valentine's Day with clever Pixel People infographic


Just in time for Valentine's Day, Chillingo and LambdaMu Games have released a lovely infographic detailing a few stats from the last two weeks within the incredibly successful iOS game Pixel People. Over the last two weeks, over 232 years of playtime has been invested in the city-builder with a twist, as players work to splice clones to create new professions and build them places to work.

Over 19.5 million clones have been spliced so far, which would make the in-game world of Utopia Corp the 58th most populous country on Earth, if all of those clones were real! Those clones live in over 6.5 million homes, with Rocky Mansions making up almost half of the total home population, due to its instant availability and cheap price. Other items like roads, trees, and decorative items are far less common in our virtual pixelated worlds, as each player has an average of only 6.8 road pieces, 1.65 pieces of decor and 1.13 trees.

The rest of this massive infographic contains more interesting tidbits about the game's progress, and you can check it out below. If you've yet to dive into the fun that is Pixel People, make sure to check out our complete Cheats & Tips series to see what you're missing!

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Are you already a big fan of Pixel People? How many of these clones are living in your own personal city? Sound off in the comments!