ChefVille 'Bello's Samosa Fryer' Quests: Everything you need to know


Yet another quest series has been released for only a random few players in ChefVille, as Bello's Samosa Fryer brings puff pastry dishes to the game. However, where other similar events like the Oyster Bar and Truffle Station are completely limited to just those random players that have received the themed quests, this Samosa Fryer appliance itself is available for all players to purchase in the store. Whether you have the quests or not, we're here with a complete guide to finishing them off or at least building the Samosa Fryer in your restaurant to prepare, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

I Want Samosa

  • Place and Build the Samosa Fryer

  • Harvest Mozzarella Stand 12 Times

  • Cook 12 Mushroom Samosas

The Samosa Fryer costs 500 coins to purchase in the store, and it's available for purchase so long as you have at least seven Mastery Stars. Again, this appliance is available to purchase and build even if you don't have these quests, so it's worth building now at your own pace since you're not rushed to do so. You'll need to spend three energy to unwrap the Fryer and must then collect six Samosa Fryers, three Warm Fires, six Steel Skimmers, and three Samosa Recipes in order to finish the appliance off.

The Samosa Fryers and Steel Skimmers are earned by posting general requests on your news feed, while the other two items can be earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. When you finish the Samosa Fryer, you'll have access to five new dishes, the first of which is the Mushroom Samosa. After you've completed these other requirements and finish this first quest, you'll receive six Chicken, 10 XP, and 10 coins.

Samosa Assortment

  • Cook 25 Samosas

  • Collect 8 "Samosa Serving Trays"

  • Tend Friends' Milk Trucks 12 Times

The 25 Samosas can be any kind: Mushroom, Cheese, Chicken, Green Peas or Chaat. Since all of these dishes come with Mastery Stars, feel free to cook a bit of each in order to earn the easiest Mastery Stars while also finishing this quest. You'll earn the Samosa Serving Trays by asking your friends to send them to you. Finishing this second quest gives you four Chaat Filling, 20 XP, and 30 coins.

Samosa Smash

  • Serve 5 Green Peas Samosas

  • Collect 12 Potato Mashers

  • Earn 3 Mastery Stars for Chaat Samosas

Even though you can cook any type of Samosa to fulfill the 25 requirement above, you might want to hold off on serving too many of the Green Pea Samosas, since they're required here. That is, it would be a shame to earn all three mastery stars on a dish only to have to waste ingredients cooking it in the future for a quest when you wouldn't have to otherwise. You'll need to ask your friends for the Potato Mashers. After you've finished this final quest, you'll receive an Indian Sari Costume and an Indian Sherwani Costume for your avatar, along with 40 XP.

Again, there's no guarantee that these quests will ever be released to the entire ChefVille player base, but if that does happen, we can apparently expect the quests to roll out "a few weeks from now." While you're waiting though, I suppose you can start building your Samosa Fryer and stocking up on ingredients that we might need in the future.

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Have you received the Samosa Fryer quests, or are you just going to work on building the appliance now to plan ahead? Let us know in the comments!