Art Collective Penique Productions Wraps Buildings in Color


They're like works by Christo, but in Techicolor. Like the artistic duo famous for wrapping the Sydney Opera House, the Reichstag, and other landmarks, the Spanish art collective Penique Productions wraps architecture -- but from the inside, and more colorfully. They spread giant plastic sheets across the interiors of ornate buildings, taping the sheets to the floors and walls, then turn on high-powered fans to blow the sheets outward. The result is ... well, amazing. If you look through the gallery below, you'll see just what we mean.

Penique targets buildings with an ornate mix of architectural elements, and the goal is to homogenize the atmosphere. By blanketing spaces with the plastic sheets, "the space is simplified, emphasizing the shapes and textures, ultimately generating a different atmosphere within the same structure," wrote real estate blog CollabCubed. The group's art installations -- erected only temporarily, of course -- have hit Mexico, Italy and Paris' Fashion Week.

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The Renowned Environmental Artist Christo Discusses His Next Project,
The Renowned Environmental Artist Christo Discusses His Next Project,