4 Pics 1 Word Updated with New Puzzles


LOCUM's 4 Pics 1 Word has just been given a fresh dollop of content in Version 2.2 which hit the App Store a littler earlier on today. This simple but addictive game challenges players to guess the missing word that links together four pictures, and has consumed horrible amounts of free time around the world.

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That's not the only recent change to the chart-topping guessing game either, as the publishers recently dropped the "What's The Word?" prefix to the title. Pressure from the developers of the equally successful game of the same name? We may never know, but we can't imagine Red Spell were too happy to see a competitor muscle in on the action so brazenly.


We'll bring you more solutions to the current crop of fresh content in due course. Here's what we've dug up for you so far:
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