Feel the love: Dead Space 3 Weapons DLC [Giveaway]

Dead Space 3
Dead Space 3

The giveaway has ended. Thanks for sharing your love of Dead Space with us.

For those of you who (shamefully) haven't played the critically-acclaimed Dead Space games, we won't spoil the plot but anyone who has played them will agree: Isaac Clarke likely experiences the worst Valentine's Day every year, poor guy. For this reason, we're dedicating Valentine's Day to Isaac Clarke, a guy that needs a hug - or maybe just a shiny, new gun!

In celebration of Valentine's Day, we're giving away some weapon codes for Dead Space 3. These codes are redeemable on either Xbox 360 or PS3.

Read the statement from Visceral Games:

Happy Valentine's Day! As a way of saying THANK YOU to all our passionate Dead Space fans, Visceral Games is giving away free download codes, good to redeem for the eight weapon, suit and scavenger bot upgrade packs in Dead Space 3. The codes allow the winner to share with a friend or with your significant other. All in the name of love...and Necromorphs!

Dead Space 3
Dead Space 3

In order to win the giveaway and receive a code, please follow the instructions below.Multiple entries will be ignored. US residents only.

1. Head over to our Games.com Facebook Fanpage.
2. Find the image above and post a comment explaining what you love most about the Dead Space series.
3. We'll tally up the results on February 15 and select winners.
4. If you get a private message from "Cameron Faulkner", you've won!