Wizard101 makes compatibility issues go 'poof' with Mac support

Wizard101 Mac
Wizard101 Mac

After nearly five long years, Mac-loving Wizard101 fans no longer have to make the hard choice of conceding to Windows just to play. Developer KingsIsle Entertainment has announced that Wizard101 is now available on Mac OS X 10.6 or newer. Finally, the need for fans of the mega popular family MMO to use Boot Camp or some other wacky solution to play is no more.

"Over the last four years more than 30 million users have registered to play Wizard101 on the PC," KingsIsle Entertainment VP of Development Josef Hall said in a release. "Today we are very pleased to open up the Wizard101 universe to millions of Mac users."

It almost goes without saying that "Mac support" is one of the most requested features from players, according to KingsIsle. And ultimately, this will only mean more players. We imagine that Mac players will be able to play in the same online world as Windows players, not to mention that it supports Retina-level resolutions. We've reached out to KingsIsle for confirmation.

Update: Mac and Windows players of Wizard101 will interact in the same world of Spiral, KingsIsle confirmed.

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