Shop for Dropped Prices During February Sales

Savings Experiment: Shop for Dropped Prices During February Sales With Presidents Day and Valentine's Day, February is a month during which retailers advertise big sales. But, with so many marked-down products available, it's hard to know which items are, well, the real deals. Here, our experts discuss what's worth your hard-earned cash.

Jewelry is a popular Valentine's Day gift, but this isn't the time to buy it. Stores often overprice their merchandise, making duds out of their so-called discounts. You may think you're getting a bargain, but stores are still making a pretty penny from your good intentions. Show him or her you care in other ways, or buy jewelry during off months -- like April, July and August -- and save it for the holidays.

So, what is worth buying this month? Well, since companies showcase new lines of electronics in January, February is a great time to buy gadgets. Stores will be trying to get rid of last year's stock to make way for newer, high-priced models. If scoring a deal is a bigger priority for you than having the latest tech product, this is the time to do it.

If you're looking for a new mattress, Presidents Day is when you can get a great deal. This is a time when you can cash in on reduced-priced beds and free box springs, not to mention other freebies. Try negotiating with your salesperson on everything from free mattress pads to pillows -- you'll be surprised what they can do for you.

ElectronicsLuggage is also offered at deep discounts this month. Since February is in the middle of the holidays and spring break, retailers are known to slash their prices on the travel staples.

Before you open up your wallet, keep these timely savings tips in mind. Knowing where and when to spend can lead to great post-holiday deals and extra markdowns that will keep you smiling all month.
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