Customize your ride and escape from gangsters in Turbolab Pursuit on iOS


Imagine the awe and wonder that vehicles would create in a world that didn't have them. Apparently, the invention of vehicles is something everyone wants to get their hands on in KoolFing's upcoming iOS game Turbolab Pursuit, as you'll need to keep a mad scientist's vehicular inventions free from gangsters, one crazy run at a time.

Created with the help of Bulkypix, Turbolab Pursuit will let players customize both their vehicles and their characters, which look pretty reminiscent of sackboys and girls from Little Big Planet. There are over 4,000 customization combos, including unique hair pieces and costumes for your characters and weapons that can be added to your vehicles. In each game, you'll need to guide your vehicle from the left to the right side of your iPhone or iPad's screen as far as you can without getting caught, all the while flying over large hills and taking momentum and gravity into account every step of the way.


Each game's layout is randomly generated, so you'll (in theory) never run into the exact same track twice, and power-ups will allow you to hopefully make it even further than you would before. While there have been other similar games on iOS released in the past, Turbolab Pursuit definitely looks zany and creative enough to be worth a look when the game launches on February 21. Don't believe us? Check out the trailer below and screenshots above for more info and decide for yourself.

Are you excited to try Turbolab Pursuit on your iOS device of choice? Sound off in the comments!

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