Dive into a post-apocalyptic radiated wasteland for free in Mutant Badlands


Formerly known as Radiated Wasteland, Pixel Pandemic's free-to-play, browser based massively multiplayer online role-playing game Mutant Badlands has now launched in open beta (phew, say that five times fast). The game sets players into the role of a young adult (the gender is chosen by the player) in a world a few decades into the future. After a comet collides with the Earth, much is destroyed, leaving what remains covered in radiation.


We're not going to lie, Mutant Badlands sounds a lot like the Fallout series of PC and console games, as players have spent their entire lives in an underground village known as Oasis 4. After running out of resources underground, its citizens are forced to brave the radiation cloud, fight mutants and other humans in their continued struggle to survive. As an explorer representing Oasis 4, you'll need to find a way for your citizens to life without falling victim to the new dangers of this wasteland.

"We feel that there are way too few challenging browser based RPGs for gamers like us who are or at least used to be hardcore gamers. In my opinion the market is flooded by cute farm animals and boring linear gameplay. We wanted to develop a complex MMORPG with a complex skill and character customization system. We also wanted a game that featured tactical turn based combat gameplay and exploration of a huge map with multiple NPCs, story driven missions and other things to engage in. We feel that we have achieved that with Mutant Badlands and hope to develop things from the open beta with a focus on what the game community wants like we have been doing to great extend with our 1st game [Zombie Pandemic]," says CEO Thomas Jacobsen, via a company release.

Since Mutant Badlands is now in open beta, you can register to play the game for free, or check out the trailer for the game above for more.

Are you excited to try out Mutant Badlands? Have you already earned a spot in the game's beta? What do you think of the game so far? Sound off in the comments!

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