FarmVille 2 no longer number one, CoasterVille nabs highest MAU

FarmVille 2 down
FarmVille 2 down

It looks like you folks have been too busy building roller coasters to keep your farms fertile. Inside Social Games reports that the almighty FarmVille 2 has lost its top spot in terms of monthly players to another of Zynga's games, CoasterVille. While it's better for a Zynga game to lose out to another Zynga game, this news follows Candy Crush Saga's capture of the top spot in daily players from none other than FarmVille 2.

However, there is a catch. While CoasterVille has skyrocketed to the top spot as far as monthly players (i.e. overall reach) is concerned, the theme park-builder has lost to a number of competitors on the daily players charts, dropping 11 spots. (Of course, exact figures no longer exist, thanks to changes in how Facebook reports its app data.)

What this seems to imply is that Zynga's cross-promotion tools--you've seen the pop-ups--are working like a charm, but perhaps CoasterVille doesn't have the stickiness that, say, Bubble Witch Saga. At any rate, make no mistake: FarmVille 2 continues to perform strongly (a first for a direct sequel from Zynga), just not as well as's Candy Crush Saga. We'll see whether this changes with the arrival of FarmVille 2 on mobile.

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