Donna Dannenfelser: What It's Like To Be An NFL Psychotherapist

Donna Dannenfelser Necessary Roughness
Donna Dannenfelser Necessary Roughness

Donna Dannenfelser has done a lot of press lately. This Wednesday is the penultimate episode of the season for "Necessary Roughness," the USA Network show based on her time as an NFL therapist. And they've chosen a dramatic culmination for the show's second year: A gay player is going to come out.

It was a strange series of events that turned Dannenfelser into a hero of the gay blogosphere, brought her to Hollywood, and landed her the job as therapist to the New York Jets in the first place. But the one thread that connects all these pieces is a single idea, which struck Dannenfelser as a 28-year-old stay-at-home mother, standing in her bathroom.

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