ChefVille 'Sauce Man' Quests: Everything you need to know


Last week, ChefVille players were asked to cook pasta dishes in bulk to complete one of Bello's Valentine's Day quest sets. Now, Bello's back again with another challenge: Cook dishes containing Tomato Sauce. This series of three new "Sauce Man" quests that will be available for the next three days. We're here with a complete guide to these three quests straight from the sauce. (Last sauce pun, promise.)

Use Your Sauce

  • Cook with Tomato Sauce 5 Times

Tomato Sauce is required for a variety of dishes across your many appliances, from the Meatball Sandwich dish inside the Grill to the Pommes Frites over in the Deep Fryer. It doesn't matter if a single dish only requires one Tomato Sauce or multiple Tomato Sauces to create, so long as you cook with the ingredient five times. We suggest cooking items like the Classic Tomato Soup over in the Soup Station, since it only request two Mozzarella, two Mixed Greens and one

Tomato Sauce to create. These ingredients aren't hard to earn, whereas something like Creamy Cheese Lasagna in the Brick Oven would be more difficult to create, since you'd need to also craft pasta from scratch before creating it.

Regardless of the dishes you choose to cook, you'll receive a Mystery Crate and 5 XP for completing this first quest. As with the Pasta Dishes quests, these Mystery Crates can contain random decorations or other items for your restaurant, and there's no unfortunately no way for us to guarantee what you'll receive.

Repeat Performance

  • Cook with Tomato Sauce 10 Times

Once you find a few recipes that really work for you, make sure to keep collecting or crafting Tomato Sauce so you can cook them all over again to complete this second quest. When you finish it, you'll receive two Mystery Crates and 10 XP.

Sauce One More

  • Cook with Tomato Sauce 15 Times

You're probably used to this by now, but you'll need to cook with Tomato Sauce 15 more times, across a slew of additional dishes to finish this quest series. You can cook the same dish over and over again, or you can cook many types of dishes at the same time--it's all up to you. You'll score three Mystery Crates and 15 XP for completing this final quest.

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What do you think of these new Tomato Sauce-centric quests in ChefVille? Do you think you'll be able to complete all three of them before they expire? Sound off in the comments!