British Airways Flight Attendants Go On Drunken Rampage On Flight, Report Says

Drinking yourself into a turbulence-resistant slumber is a ritual of many frequent fliers. But a handful of off-duty British Airways flight attendants apparently partook a little too liberally, reports Britain's The Sun newspaper. The employees purportedly chugged bottles of champagne and wine, and began shouting "like spoiled brats," according to passengers. Some said the attendants also were kissing.

The crew members were en route from London to Washington, D.C., to catch other flights, and decided to take advantage of the complimentary refreshments in the first-class and business-class cabins, The Sun said. They reportedly ran up and down the aisles, falling over, and preventing the airline's paying customers -- some of whom spend up to 7,500 pounds (or $11,000 USD) per seat -- from sleeping.