Aliens: Colonial Marines: The best tips and guides from around the web

Aliens Colonial Marines cheats tips
Aliens Colonial Marines cheats tips

So, if you were someone who pre-ordered or already picked up a copy of Aliens: Colonial Marines, we're sorry. Judging from reviews on nearly every major gaming news outlet, it's not exactly the best representation of the acclaimed films. But maybe there is still time to squeeze some enjoyment out of this purchase before you return it or set it aflame in the backyard. For that reason, we've found the best sources for tips and guides from around the web.

IGN's Full Video Guide

That's right, someone at IGN has played through the entirety of this Aliens game, for you, to make your time aboard the Sulaco a ... more digestible one. We'll always remember you for your service, random IGN employee. Tune in right here.

GamesRadar's Collectibles Guide

If you can't resist your completionist urges even in this game, then we feel awful for you. To make that burden just a little lighter, GamesRadar has compiled a comprehensive guide for where to find all of the collectibles hidden within Colonial Marines. Catch 'em all right here.

IGN's Complete Wiki

You know what? Some of you might actually enjoy Aliens: Colonial Marines, and that's OK. If that's the case for you, then look no further than this exhaustive wiki on all things aliens, marines and everything in between. Get informed right here.

GameFront Has it All

From a full-length video walkthrough to an all-emcompassing text guide complete with instructions for uncovering Easter eggs and other goodies, GameFront indeed has it all. That is, of course, assuming you make it through to the end. Consult the guide(s) right here.

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