Help tend Scarecrow's Farm in The Wizard of Oz on Facebook


After releasing The Wizard of Oz on Facebook last fall, Spooky Cool Labs has announced the upcoming launch of Scarecrow's Farm, an expansion to the game that will see you rescuing the Scarecrow from his perch out in the cornfields of Oz. He'll introduce a series of new quests to your game, along with new crops on an equally new farm: Scarecrow's Farm.

As is the case with most things in the land of Oz, not everything on Scarecrow's Farm is as it seems, as you'll be able to hire Munchkin farmhands to work the land, while also growing items like Lunchbox Plants, Golden Ore Roots, Wand Crops, Cash Crops, and XP Vines. These aren't your ordinary corn, squash or tomato plants (although those are also available) - these will give your game a boost in a way you might not have seen before. Finally, if you manage to get your hands on Loot Vines, you can grow these for a chance to harvest rare collectibles that may not be available anywhere else.


While talking about the game is fine and all, why not take a look at the game in action via the screenshots above? If you'd like to learn more about The Wizard of Oz on Facebook, you can follow the Yellow Brick Road over to Facebook right now. Scarecrow's Farm will launch later this week.

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