The Devoted Cleric should cure the 'looking for healer' problem in Neverwinter


In most MMORPGs, you're going to have a class that is just an absolute beast when it comes to healing. While Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition has a fair share of healer/leader classes, no one quite does it to the zealous effect like the cleric. It seems like Perfect World wanted to keep this trend alive in their upcoming game, Neverwinter.

Check out the trailer of the Devoted Cleric above and see how the cleric deals decent damage to his foes while healing


himself and other allies. Through building divine energy, the Devoted Cleric can unload the mighty power of his god to either tear apart his foes or channel the energy to cure hurt friends. Of the classes already revealed in Neverwinter, this has been the only healer-heavy class so far. If putting a green number into your group is your thing, the cleric may be your go to class.