Sunshine Compound hopes to bring the humor back to farming games on Facebook


There are plenty of farming games available to play on Facebook, but LCD Entertainment's upcoming Sunshine Compound looks to turn the genre on its head by adding in a storyline filled with humor, illegal drugs and even a cult. We've seen "anti-FarmVille" games released in the past, from Pot Farm to FarmVillain, but Sunshine Compound does actually look to be something new.

The game looks to allow players to grow both legal and illegal crops, and then craft items like alligators other adult products. All the while, you'll work on running a secret cult in the background, as you lure unsuspecting villagers into the cult and "encourage" them to work on your farmland. Obviously, Sunshine Compound isn't a game for children, but the developers at LCD Entertainment ensure future players that the game will be as funny as it is fun.

"The game will use a combination of humor and storyline to drive an experience which will simply be more fun. We hope that, in a genre dominated by bland cookie cutter titles, Sunshine Compound will be the ray of hope which helps to reinvigorate social games," says LCD Entertainment.

Unfortunately, whether or not players will ever actually get their hands on Sunshine Compound actually remains to be seen. The game has just launched as a Kickstarter campaign, so if you'd like to learn more (or even donate), head over there for more.

What do you think of the idea behind Sunshine Compound? Do you think Facebook has room for another anti-farming farming game? Sound off in the comments!