Real Racing 3 revs up for Feb. 28, free-to-play release on iOS

Real Racing 3 free-to-play
Real Racing 3 free-to-play

The wait is finally over for gearheads on the go. Developer Firemonkeys and EA have announced that Real Racing 3 is due out on all compatible iOS devices on Feb. 28. Better yet, the game will be available for download for free (i.e. zilch, nada, zero). The anticipated pseudo-realistic racer stands to be one of the most graphically impressive iOS games to date, and it's free.

Forgive us if we're a little excited, considering the previous entry in the revered racing simulator series debuted at a much more premium price. With a game that looks like this (see above) coupled with an interesting take on asynchronous multiplayer, the fine price of free for such a game is quite the steal. However, it would safe to expect quite a bit of microtransactions.

TouchArcade initially cited reports by Bloomberg and 148apps that claimed the free-to-play push for the Real Racing series. But Firemonkeys did the outlet--and its readers, mind you--one better with an official confirmation in the TouchArcade forums:

Today we announced Real Racing 3 will be free. And yes, Real Racing 3 was designed from the ground up to be a free to play experience. We are so excited about this game and wanted it to be accessible to everyone so we didn't want there to be any barriers to entry. This accessibility is also what drives the awesome new Time Shifted Multiplayer feature, in that you can play competitive multiplayer with anyone any time, and they don't need to be online with you at the same time.

At launch we have 46 licensed vehicles covering 3 classes, a 22 car grid, real world tracks, 8 varied event types and 900+ events. This means hundreds of hours of gameplay for free making this one of the most expansive games ever on mobile. We plan to continue to add more free and exciting content with every update.

Wouldn't you say we're a little excited with good reason?

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