MotorStorm developer gearing up for PS4 announcement?


10 days until Sony's eagerly awaited event in which the company is expected to officially reveal the PlayStation 4. Well, technically only nine now, but at the time of this very cryptic tweet by Evolution Studios' Paul Rustchynsky there were 10.

Over the weekend, Rustchynsky, the game director of MotorStorm RC, posted a tweet which read: "10 days!" Given the context of the tweet, with the Sony event just 10 days away at the time of the post, it's safe to assume the two are somehow related (although he cleverly points out the 10 days can be related to anything -- like getting his car serviced). But what can it be?

The easiest guess is a new MotorStorm game for the PlayStation 4. Evolution Studios is currently looking to fill several positions within the company. Although none of them reference a racing game, the LinkedIn profile of studio design director Simon Barlow reveals he's "driving the creative vision for an unannounced AAA first-party exclusive." It certainly sounds like it could be MotorStorm 4.

Either way, it sure looks like the PlayStation developers are having some fun with the whole PlayStation future event. Will


Maiden, another designer at Evolution Studios currently working on a "super secret project", recently tweeted Rustchynsky pointing out that he had his first tweet "taken out of context for a news story scoop." His tweet was about stressing over a design being overambitious, which a site used as a hint for MotorStorm 4. The two joked how conclusions are "so easily jumped too [sic]."

Right, they are. Speculation about the PS4 is at an all-time high and developers like Rustchynsky and Maiden are eating it up. They aren't alone though. Media Molecule, the studio behind LittleBigPlanet, recently teased a new mysterious game that many believe is also related to the PS4.

At this point, it's unclear whether a lot of these rumors are true, but it sure is fun trying to decipher the "clues." This should look a lot clearer come February 20th. Be sure to check out GameZone for live coverage and analysis of the event.