FarmVille 2 Turkish Delights Kitchen Recipes: Everything you need to know


Now that you've had a complete look at the Turkish Delights theme in FarmVille 2, it's time to dive deeper with a look at the three themed recipes that are available to cook in the game's Crafting Kitchens. We're here with a complete guide to these dishes, their ingredients, and their rewards.

The first dish is the Kunefe, which is prepared using two Batter and 14 Pistachios. The Batter is crafted using Wheat and Flour, while the Pistachios are earned from the Pistachio Tree. This premium tree is available for 12 Farm Bucks in the store, and it's available to harvest every 12 hours. If you don't want to spend the Farm Bucks on the tree yourself, you can look for these trees on your friends' farms and hope to receive Pistachios by tending them. Either way, a single Kunefe is worth 3,480 coins and you'll earn 122 XP for creating one.

The second recipe is the Pistachio Turkish Delight. This recipe requires two Lemon Water and seven Pistachios to create. Each Lemon Water requires two Lemons and one Water, while, again, the Pistachios are earned by the Pistachio Tree. A single Pistachio Turkish Delight goes for 2,460 coins, and you'll receive 65 XP for each one you create.

Finally, the Turkish Tea recipe requires three Sugar and 12 Black Leaf Tea to create. The Sugar is earned by sending out individual requests to your friends for this ingredient, while the Black Leaf Tea is planted on your farm for 40 coins per square. This crop takes four hours to grow and you'll receive three XP for each batch that you grow. Each batch of Turkish Tea sells for 2,000 coins, and you'll receive 11 XP for each one you create.

These three recipes will be available for the next 27 days, while the Pistachio Trees and Black Leaf Tea will be available for just 20 days in the store. If you're interested in creating any of these three recipes, make sure to purchase their ingredients sooner, rather than later.

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Will you purchase the Pistachio Tree to create any of its themed crafting recipes, or will you just stick to creating Turkish Tea? Sound off in the comments!