Dead Space 3 debuts 'comfortably' at number 1 in UK sales charts

Despite mixed reception, Dead Space 3 is proving to be quite popular among gamers in the UK. Dead Space 3, the latest installment to EA's sci-fi horror series, has been met with mixed emotion as fans of the franchise have taken offense to the game's move into more of a shooter genre. Although sales are slightly down from its predecessor (likely as a result of the shift in gameplay direction), it still managed to debut "comfortably" at number one, according to GfKGameZone.Dead Space 3 marks the biggestGameZone launch of the year so far, although its sales are down 26.6% compared to Dead Space 2. Further analyzing the numbers, the Xbox 360 version accounted for 65% of the sales while the PS3 just 31% and PC only 4%. The numbers, when compared to its predecessor, are much more in favor of the Xbox 360. Two years ago, Dead Space 2 was split a little more evenly at 56% for Xbox 360, 40% for PS3, and 4% for PC.

Meanwhile, there is no change in the two through five spots. FIFA 13 remains number two and Black Ops 2 stays put at number three. Far Cry 3 saw a slight increase of 3% in sales, but it wasn't enough to improve upon its four spot. The most noticeable jump was from Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed which jumped up eight places -- from 18 to 10 -- thanks to the release of a new 3DS version.

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