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The Cordy series has made a name for itself on the App Store by providing some of the slickest platforming experiences you can get for your mobile. The first game, released in 2011, was quickly following up the following year, and so it's no surprise to see the first full-blooded sequel to the game show up in 2013.


This new game sees Cordy and friends embarking on a new adventure to save a whole new world. Cordy 2 is split into three different stages of levels, from the futuristic Carnival World that's not unlike a psychedelic pinball machine, to the nature-filled Harmony Harbor, and finally the aerial delights of Sky Factory. Throughout each beautifully drawn set of stages, you'll need to spring around off powerful propulsion buttons, push blocks around to access new areas, bop off enemies' heads, and do all this while gathering as much of the cog currency and Zap power sources as you can before reaching the finishing line.

These levels are huge, and to achieve a three star rating on each one you're going to have to not just complete the stage, but also beat a target time and grab every last Zap that's tucked away behind puzzles and hidden passageways. As stars are necessary to new unlock new levels in the game, progress can be tough - fortunately, you can spend some of the cogs you've gathered on unlocking bonus stages which contain a single star. These are relatively brief puzzle challenges, but completing them can often make the difference between you giving up on the game, or seeing all of its superb content.


As well as a diverse collection of


levels and themes, Cordy has an eclectic collection of accomplices too. Along the way you'll be introduced to all many of outlandish friends, from the magnetic robot who allows Cordy to stick to the surface of even vertical walls, a rocket-fueled hovering chum who can propel him higher and higher with a tap of the screen, or the block-smashing robots who can blast through even the most stubborn of obstacles. It's hard to die in the game (you'll simply lose a chunk of your cogs), and even if you do have to restart from a checkpoint, your assistant can always be grabbed again from nearby.

This is only a free game in a very limited sense, as the initial download only gives you a four-level taste of what's to come. Still, it's more than enough to help you decide whether the $4.99 full purchase price is worth it. Less appealing are the many cosmetic options - costumes range from $0.99 to $2.99, and while they're by no means necessary to enjoy the game, it would have been nice to receive a handful for making progress.


It's hard to grumble too much though. Cordy 2 is hands-down one of the finest platform games you can pick up for your mobile or tablet. It looks absolutely stunning, the controls work effortlessly, and those who absolutely must achieve perfection on every level will be kept exploring its incredible depths for weeks to come. Highly recommended.

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What's Hot:

A gorgeous and expansive platformer that's packed full of variety.

What's Not:

It's expensive too, and making progress through the game can be tough.