Cordy 2 Cheats And Tips


Cordy 2 picked up a very well-deserved 4.5 out of 5 stars in our review earlier today, thanks to its perfect platforming puzzles, gorgeous artwork, and imaginative level design. If you need a helping hand restoring power to the planet, check out our handy hints and tips for the game.


- To get three stars on a level you need to clear the stage, collect every Zap that's hidden away, and beat a time the developers have set. You can earn each star on a separate run though, so concentrate on first completing the level, then doing it again for a fast time, then exploring to find all the Zaps.

- To beat the first boss encounter, you need to bounce off the roof off the vehicle but you can only do this once it's grown in size. During the phases where he releases enemies onto the screen, you'll need to take out each one of these before you can take another shot. Hit him three times in total and you'll succeed!

- The magnetic power-up allows Cordy to stick to the walls he's running along, even if that sends him upside-down! You can't just climb straight up a vertical wall, however. To do this you'll need to take a run-up along a surface that curls into the straight. If there are gaps in the floor preventing you from doing this, have a hunt around and see if you can find any blocks to fill it.

- If you lose one of Cordy's special power-up friends, have a look around the area you're in. They'll always re-spawn at a set location, and you'll never get completely stuck in a level. If you took damage, try to take out the enemy who got you so you can get your cogs back.

- Take your time when exploring the game. Getting those Zaps is going to be very important if you're to earn enough stars to unlock new worlds. They might be hidden away high up in a level, or via a series of electric tunnels. It's worth hanging onto your cogs too, as you'll sometimes have to buy the last remaining Zaps.

- Cordy's rocket-fueled friend uses inertia physics, so be very careful when steering him upwards. A tap of the screen will add some boost to the rocket, but just make sure you don't collide with any enemies or obstacles when doing so. Slowly does it!

- If you need more stars in Cordy 2, do think about spending some of your cogs to unlock the bonus stages that are spread around each world. These levels are pretty simple to solve, but completing them gives you one extra star which can make all the difference to your total.

- If you need to get a little extra height for Cordy, tap the screen again after your first jump - this will propel you higher into the sky, allowing you to latch onto cord-swing nodes, or just reach a new platform.

- To use your block-smashing friend, grab the power-up and then position yourself new the glowing blocks. A tap of the action button will cause him to rip through the blocks. You'll sometimes find cog currency locked inside these, so make sure you've grabbed them all before moving on.

- If you want to change Cordy's appearance, you can pick up new outfits and hats in the in-app purchase store. Note that these cost real money, so if don't want younger gamers spending your money, disable the option in your device's settings!

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