Changes to MLB 2K13's Perfect Game Challenge allow for more winners

As most baseball fans who own an Xbox 360 are probably aware, 2K Games's MLB 2K series is returning this year. And with the arrival of MLB 2K13 on March 5, comes the notorious "Perfect Game Challenge." This time around, 2K is changing things up a bit with the challenge. Don't worry, the new set of rules will only spread the wealth to create more winners.GameZoneA new video was released briefly explaining how this new system will work, but here's a quick rundown. MLB 2K13 will still follow the same guidelines in that style points are awarded, resulting in a ranking for each perfect game. From what I gather, however, MLB 2K13 will now allow for a perfect game winner from each team. This means up to 30 different people can win $25,000 for throwing the "most perfect, perfect game."

With that in mind, the top four overall qualifiers will go to the MLB All-Star week in New York for a chance to compete and winGameZone a grand prize of $250,000.

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