California Home Has Vineyard, Wine-Making Room (House of the Day)


After a brutal Monday back on the grind, how many of you just want to kick back and enjoy a glass of wine, or three? (We know we do!). If you, like us, think that sounds like heaven, then you'll love this house in San Rafel, Calif.: It has its own private vineyard and wine-making room. That's right. You can make your own wine! In your own home!

The home's vineyard boasts around 500 Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vines, and the grapes can be skinned, pressed and fermented right in your own house. ("Where is this wine from?" Impressed guests will ask. "Oh, just the backyard," you'll casually reply). It's enough to get us drunk... with happiness.

Just in case your own wine-making facilities weren't enough to entertain you, the $2.745 million, tri-level home also boasts a solar-heated indoor saltwater pool and spa. And a sauna. And a media room. And a gym. And a gourmet chef's kitchen. That's it -- who's buying a lottery ticket after work?

Renee Adelmann of Marian Modern Residential Real Estate has the listing.

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