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Bingo is one of those games we love but don't often play. That changed a couple of days ago when Bingo Hearts came into our lives. TiniDream Studios' free-to-play iPhone and iPad game captures the excitement of bingo and manages to stand out from the competition with the inclusion of power-ups and multiplayer. Although you're at the mercy of the computer-controlled announcer that draws numbers randomly, there's a bit of strategy that'll improve your chance at winning. That being the case, check out this Bingo Hearts cheats and tips guide.

-Normally, you can win with one of 13 different patterns.

-You will need to press the Claim Bingo button to record a bingo.

-Buy multiple cards each time you play. Doing this increases the odds in your favor.

-Miss a number? You can view the current list of called numbers by pressing the Draws button on the bottom right corner of the screen. Press it again to see the list of winners for the current game.

-More than one person can win in any given game. Look at the number of potential bingos remaining on the right side of the screen.

-Sign-in using your Facebook account. You'll score free Bingo Bucks for doing this. Not only that, but you stand to gain an additional four Bingo Bucks for each Facebook friend you invite, but there's a catch. Those people must also log-in via Facebook.

-Complete collections of objects (sandals, sunglasses, butterflies, etc.) from playing bingo and the slot machine to win prizes. For the full list and rewards, tap the All Collections button on the top right corner of the screen, main menu.

-Bingo cards are more expensive, depending on the room. Always know in advance how much they cost before playing. Of course, the higher the bingo card price, the greater the potential pay-out. This is especially true for limited time tournaments.

-Collect your daily bonus. Easiest way to score some extra Bingo Bucks.

-Get free Bingo Bucks from the occasional advertisement that may pop up on the screen.

-Level up by simply playing the game. The more experience you gain, the higher level you will achieve. Doing this unlocks new rooms and rare Super Cards that let you claim multiple bingos at once. On that note, Super Cards are available once you reach level eight.

-The Auto-Daub automatically marks called numbers for you, but you'll need to reach level seven to purchase it. This item is only available in certain rooms.

-Some rooms have different winning bingo patterns.

-You can send friends gifts, including Bingo Bucks. You can only accept five gifts and send three gifts per day.

-Understand the economy. You need Bingo Bucks to play bingo, coins to buy power-ups and gems to spin the slot machine.

-You can only use one power-up at a time, achieved by daubing three numbers. After that, the next power-up is on a


10-second cool down. Remember, the game doesn't give you power-ups for free. You must buy them with coins.

-There are regular and elite power-ups. To gain access to the latter, you'll need to make an in-app purchase of either $3.99 for 10 or $5.99 for 20.

-In trouble? Purchase an Instant Power Up for one Bingo Buck during the game.

-Play the slot machine to win collectibles, coins and other goodies.

-Stock up with a combo pack. These packs come with Bingo Bucks, coins, gems and power-ups, and sell for $0.99, $3.99, $5.99, $10.99 and $24.99. Occasionally, the developers will sell one at a discount.

-Low on virtual currency? You can always buy more via in-app purchase. For price info, click the Shop icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Understanding Power-Ups

Here's the full list of power-ups and what they do, straight from the game's FAQ.


Coins: Drops coin cells on your bingo card. Daub them to collect free coins.

Gems: Drops gem cells on your bingo card. Daub them to collect free gems.

Free Cell: Drops free cell on your bingo card. These cells will count towards the current bingo pattern needed to claim bingo.

Instant Bingo: Drops instant bingo cell on your bingo card. Daub these to claim an instant bingo. Only one use per round.

Bucks: Drops Bingo Buck cells on your bingo card. Daub them to collect Bingo Bucks.

Collectibles: Drops collectible items on your bingo card. Complete the collections for the room to claim awesome rewards.


Bomb Cell: Drops bombs on cells, and when daubed explodes to one or more new power-ups.

Double Bucks: Drops two buck cells each time, so it increases your chances to get free Bingo Bucks.

Double Cells: Drops two free cells each time, giving you more free cells.

2X Instant Bingo: Drops two instant bingos each time, which doubles your chance to get Bingo.

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