4 Fugitives Found Hiding Inside Home of Prince George, Va., Resident Charlotte Donahue


People find some seriously weird things in their homes: dozens of exotic animals, stashes of marijuana, $7 million worth of gold bars, for example. But something significantly scarier -- and more dangerous -- was found inside Charlotte Donahue's home in Prince George, Va., on Sunday morning: four inmates who had recently escaped from a youth prison. "One was found in my attic," Donahue told WWBT-TV in Richmond. "The other was found in one of my closets, and the last two were found in my bedroom."

The inmates -- 17-year-old Alvin Rogers, 15-year-old Yusef Collier, 17-year-old Shelvy Edwards and 15-year-old Raekwon Brown -- had escaped from Crater Juvenile Detention Center after a riot had broken out, WWBT reported. The escaped inmates trekked a mile in the woods and swamp before they broke into Donahue's home to hide. Police had been searching for 10 hours before they spotted Donahue's broken front door window.

Thankfully, Donahue was out of town when the inmates broke in. She was summoned home by police at 7:30 am on Sunday morning. "How in the world would I have dealt with four men who were trying to get away from the law?" Donahue said. She added that this is not the first time Crater Juvenile Detention Center inmates had broken into her home. She said that a decade ago, two inmates hid in her shed but were later caught in the neighboring town of Hopewell. The four inmates in the recent incident have been returned to Crater Juvenile Detention Center and charged with felony escape.

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