Launch skeletons at chickens in Skeleton Launcher, now on


While most games are designed with a clear theme, a new offering on lets us indulge in all things whacky as Skeleton Launcher from I-Play allows you to launch skeletons out of a cannon in order to hit chicken eggs that are scattered around the game's many environments.

If you love Angry Birds, you'll likely be a quick learner at Skeleton Launcher. The main difference between the two games comes in your (virtually) unlimited supply of skeletons that can be launched from the cannon (whereas Angry Birds limits you to a small number of birds). Each level starts with a high score, and you'll lose points over time or after making each shot. This encourages more strategy than wild clicking, as randomly shooting dozens of skeletons all around the screen will result in you losing more points than not.

When you launch a second (or third... or tenth) skeleton, the skeleton that you launched just before will instantly vanish, so when you're playing a level that requires you to complete the tossing of more than one skeleton, you'll need to wait for all animations to stop before clicking to launch another skeleton at the eggs.

If you do manage to get stuck, you can refresh a level and start over from scratch without penalty. If you get really stuck, the game will eventually allow you to skip a level altogether and move onto the next, so there's no need to worry about hitting a road block that you can't pass.

If you're ready to try your hand at launching skeletons in Skeleton Launcher, you can play the game for free right here on

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