Ruzzle makes Boggle competitive again on iOS


Ruzzle is one of those interesting cases where an iOS game blows up in popularity even though it's just a new option for something we've seen time and time again in the past. In this case, Ruzzle is a word game that pits players head-to-head as they work to form the most words possible using a grid of randomized letters, just like they'd do in a game of Boggle or Zynga's Scramble with Friends.

In each round of Ruzzle, you'll be given 16 tiles and two minutes to make as many words as possible, connecting letters by simply tapping and sliding your finger around the screen of your iOS device of choice. The longer the word, the more points you'll earn and vice versa, and at the end of a round, you'll be able to compare your word list with that of your opponent. As each game progresses, your potential for huge scores increases as score multiplier letters like triple word letters are added to the game.

Achievements are available for completing special tasks, like earning a large amount of points or finding a large number of words in a single round, but the rest of the game lacks a lot of bells and whistles.

Ruzzle provides a chat window if you'd like to talk to your opponents, and the premium version of the game will allow you to play by yourself in order to practice your skills. If you stick with the free, ad-supported version of the game, you'll need to wait for random opponents, or play with your Facebook or Twitter friends.

Ultimately, there's nothing wrong with Ruzzle, as it works well at what it does, but it unfortunately doesn't do anything new. If you're still playing Scramble with Friends or any number of other similar games, there's no reason to jump ship to play Ruzzle instead, but if you're looking for the "next big thing" to play with your friends, Ruzzle could be a fun option simply because of its place on the top free app charts.

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