Match-three your way to a beautiful garden in Full Bloom on Facebook


While level based match-three games on Facebook are nothing new (look at Candy Crush Saga, as an example), the folks at Disney / Playdom have created something that feels really unique. Full Bloom mixes match-three levels with garden growing, as you'll complete levels on a map and then upgrade and plant flowers in your garden in order to unlock more levels before continuing on.

Most levels in Full Bloom ask you to gather a specific number of flowers by making matches of three or more like flowers on interestingly shaped boards. Some levels limit your number of allowed moves, while others introduce a time limit to the game. Either way, making matches of four or more like symbols creates power-ups that can be used to create large groups of surrounding flowers when destroyed. You can also purchase a Bomb power-up using Gold, the game's premium currency, if you'd like to clear out a large section of the game board in a single click.

The fewer moves you take to complete a level, or the faster you complete a level (depending on the requirement), the more points you'll earn. You'll get to spin a bonus wheel at the end of each stage for a chance to win new flowers, building materials or just coins, and once you do hit a brick wall in terms of unlocking new levels, you can take all of your winnings back to the garden itself.


The garden can be upgraded with fancy lighting, planter boxes, pathways and more, but since you won't earn that much free money in a single stage, your garden will take a lot of time to grow. You can complete quests while experiencing the store of Full Bloom, interacting with a variety of characters that have gardening as their major passion in life, and you can replay levels at any time to earn more stars and coins, so long as you have the energy available to play them.

These stars work as mastery ratings for each stage, similarly to how mastery works in free-to-play hidden object games. The more mastery stars you have, the more prizes and coins you'll earn by default, simply because you've continued to play the game. Thankfully, while replaying a single stage may present you with the same goals and level layout, the game never feels the same twice due to the random nature of flower appearances.

While a beautiful garden in Full Bloom may take a while to cultivate, it's a process that's worth completing due to the simple fact that the match-three levels are so fun to play. There's a real sense of urgency that comes when you're down to your last few moves and still need to gather a large amount of flowers, and seeing your garden start to come to life with a few flowers drives you ever forward to make more progress.

Over 1 million players have already tried Full Bloom, and we highly recommend that you join them. If you'd like to do so, you can now play Full Bloom for free on Facebook.

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Have you tried Full Bloom? How much as your garden grown since you started playing? How many levels have you completed with the full three-star rating? Sound off in the comments!

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