CoasterVille 'Love is in the Air' Quests: Everything you need to know


The Valentine's Day celebration in CoasterVille grows larger by the day, as interested gamers can now complete a series of six "Love is in the Air" quests over the next 22 days. These quests will see you tending specific buildings, asking your friends for items, and earning building materials and coins all along the way. We're here with a guide to get you started on these quests, so let's go!

Love is in the Air

  • Send 4 Valentine's Day Roses

  • Collect from 4 Fantasy Businesses

  • Restart 3 Fantasy Attractions

The Valentine's Day Roses must be claimed by four friends after you share a general news item on your wall. As for the Fantasy businesses, some of your options are the Potion Shop and Cheese Cottage, which are both available to purchase in the store for under 250 coins each, if you don't already have them in your park. Finally, the Fantasy Attractions include items like the Princess Tower and Wizard's Tower, both of which cost less than 650 coins each. When you complete this first quest, you'll receive 400 coins, two Honey, and two Hospitality.

A Valentine's Gift

  • Collect 6 Valentine's Day Cards

  • Visit Friends 4 Times

  • Search Shops 8 Times

First things first, the Valentine's Day Cards can be earned by sending out individual requests to your CoasterVille friends. As for the friend visits task, you'll need to visit real world players, rather than the game's computer neighbor. You won't need to complete any tasks while you're visiting your friends, but you're more than free to do so if you'd like.

This quest brings us to the halfway point of these Valentine's Day quests, and we'll continue to update this space as we learn more about what makes the final two quests tick. Stay tuned!

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