Word Smack brings Lingo-style fun to Android for free


If you're familiar with the game show Lingo, then you might be interested in Word Smack, Electronic Arts' head-to-head word guessing game that sees you guessing five letter words after being given just the first and last letter of each.

Originally released on iOS late last year, Word Smack is now available on Android for free through an ad-supported version of the game. In each head-to-head battle, you'll compete in three rounds against a friend or stranger to see who can earn the most points. Both players start with the same number of guesses that can be used in an attempt to solve words until they run out. The more words you solve, the more points you'll earn, increasing your chances of winning.

Solving words is sometimes easier said than done, as you'll need to rule out incorrect letters, and will sometimes find letters that are in the final word, but currently in the wrong place. For instance, let's say your final word is "Silky," but you guess "Shiny." Here, you'd be told that the "I" is in the wrong place, and would then need to figure out where to place it, all without running out of guesses for the overall game, or for that particular word.

Word Smack is definitely one of those games that's easier to understand as you play it, rather than in reading about it, and thankfully, EA does a great job of transferring the feeling of the television show to a mobile experience. If you'd like to try Word Smack for yourself, you can now download the game for free on either Android or iOS.

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