Puzzle & Dragons Cheats & Tips: Play Weekend Dungeons for huge rewards


It's the weekend, which means your best chance of making huge progress in Puzzle & Dragons is right now. If you've just started playing this iOS / Android cross between Bejeweled and Puzzle Quest, you might think that the game's linear "normal" dungeon system is all the game has to offer. In that, you'd be mistaken, as the game offers a series of "Special Dungeons," some of which only appear on the weekends.

While many of these Special Dungeons come with incredibly difficult enemies (at least for a newcomer to the game), others, like the Weekend Dungeon, can be blasted through in a matter of minutes, giving you tens of thousands of coins each time they're completed.

If you're trying to evolve or simply level up your monsters before taking on one of the game's Normal Dungeons, you'll need tons of coins to do that, which is where these Weekend Dungeons come in. When you tap on the Weekend Dungeon option, you'll have four difficulty levels to choose from. The easiest level, or Novice dungeon, comes with 10 battles and costs 10 energy to complete, and you'll receive at least 1,000 coins for each individual battle of that event.

As you level up, you'll be able to tackle harder Weekend Dungeons, but even sticking with the easiest difficulty isn't a horrible idea. The screen is filled with just three colors of orbs, allowing you to create massive combos and wipe out every enemy in front of you with a single move. All the while, you'll earn thousands of coins for doing little work at all, and can then use those coins to make your monsters more powerful before you head back into the main game.

The only bad part about this method is the fact that you'll give up on the chance of earning free monsters as you play, but if you're willing to dedicate your weekends to earning tons of coins, they can last you the entire week, until the Weekend Dungeons come back around and you make even more progress still. If nothing else, these Dungeons can also provide you with a great testing ground for new Monsters, since you won't have to worry about being defeated by using weaker monsters in you team. So what are you waiting for? Make sure to try out those special Weekend Dungeons while they're still around!

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